Isoline - Its not only for solo entertainers

Centromayor, the Wharfedale Pro distributor in Spain, has sent in some great photos that remind us that our Isoline series really versatile.  It is not only great for rock ‘n roll, solo entertainers and jazz bands, but is also ideal for singing groups and corporate conferences. 

Here we see Isoline 812 supporting a group of singers in Badalona, Spain.  Isoline’s column formation is discrete and allows the performers to be seen on stage.  Look closely and you’ll also see 2 of our Titan 8A MKII’s being used as foldback monitors.
For conference work, the Isoline again is discrete but delivers superb audio clarity – the most important thing during any public presentation.
The thin, discrete design of Isoline means that it’s the performance that takes centre-stage.
Learn more about our Isoline series here.