WLA-28 tours Japan

E’spec Inc., the Wharfedale Pro distributor in Japan, recently undertook a national demonstration and training tour highlighting the Wharfedale Pro WLA-28 line array system.


E’spec Inc. invited resellers, engineers and venue owners to attend special events in major Japanese locations.  Using a variety of venues, which included theatres and warehouses, the E’spec Inc. team were able to demonstrate the versatility of the WLA system and could spend time working with the guests to show how to get the most from the system.


President of E’spec Inc. Joe Akiyama said, “It was a great chance to meet highly skilled guests.  The events allowed us to show how the WLA-28 system really performs in real-life situations.  We could use a variety of different amplifiers which allowed for A/B comparisons and we could train engineers to get the most from the SC-26 DSP processors.   Of course, tours like this are hard work but the feedback we received from our guests was extremely useful.  Its also the best job in the world to hear the WLA-28 in such a variety of venues.”