Incredible Performance. Phenomenal Value

Wharfedale Pro's Diamond Series has a heritage extending over twenty years and throughout has been Britain's best-selling loudspeaker. This pattern has been repeated around the world with 5 star reviews and accolades in every country in which it has been available. As such the Diamond Series represents a de facto standard for sound quality and balance in a tremendous number of home stereo and A/V systems.

Built using the Diamond family transducers in specially designed enclosures, and with a custom designed bi-amplifier package, the Diamond Studio Pro-Active series is a complete and balanced system for two channel and 5.1 reference monitoring. Magnetic Shielding of the driver magnets allows close placement of the monitors to CRT displays used in today's recording process. Whilst being true to their sonic heritage, the Studio Pro-Active reference monitors are refined and enhanced for the demands and duties of the recording business. Tighter enclosure damping, and a larger cubic volume give better control under high levels found in monitoring.

Such is the quality of the Diamond transducers that no special equalization or adjustment of the components is necessary in the bi-amp section. Simple, great sounding, low Q crossover slopes compliment the drivers in their operating ranges. The careful balancing of the power amplifer specifically for each driver's range, gives considerable extension to the output level of the system. Graceful overload characteristics produce subjective power levels equal to over double the specified and rated power.

The consistency and quality of these speaker systems across a wide variety of source materials, from Jazz to Rock, Classical, to Movie Sound Track and effects, gives a tried and proven basis for a monitor to give the professional recording and post production industry a superb reference for the creation and mixing of program material for the real world.

The Diamond 8 series is the result of over three years intensive research and development into virtually every aspect of acoustic design.

Textile dome Tweeter

  • The tweeter in all models is a 25mm textile dome, ferrofluid cooled unit powered with an ultra-strong neodymium magnet for the fastest, most accurate response we have ever achieved.

Woofer Cone

  • The woofer cone is made from a bi-directional KEVLAR weave – self-damping in nature, reducing resonant frequencies to virtually negligible levels. The impetus for rapid movement here, is a dual layer, vented voice coil which transmits the signal information with the highest levels of accuracy. The cone is mounted on a nitrile rubber 'Flexaural surround rim'. A profiled phase plug improves the off-axis performance to project an excellent stereo image across a wide listening area.


Diamond Studio 8.1 ProActive
Diamond Studio 8.2 ProActive
  • Active Bi-amp design with 60W LF and 40W HF power
  • Balanced XLR, 1/4 and unbalanced RCA inputs
  • Precision 25mm (1") textile-dome Neodymium tweeter
  • Active electronic crossover for true Biamp operation
  • Bi-directional Kevlar weave woofer cone
  • Rear-mounted master gain control
  • Dual-layer vented LF voice coil
  • Switchable 1/2-space Bass filter
  • Fully shielded for use near CRT displays
  • Removable front grill