Designed to cater for those who want more power than the highly successful EVP ranges can offer, the LX and LX-E use superior Wharfedale components to offer a range of higher power, higher performance speakers that includes full range units, stage monitors and subwoofers - making it easy to create a system from the models available.

So what's different about the LX and LX-E Series?

Designed from the ground upwards the LX and LX-E range feature new custom components in every cabinet. New woofers, larger format compression drivers and an elliptical wave guide horn have all been developed from scratch to offer performance and features that are usually only found on cabinets with a much higher price tag than the LX and LX-E.

In creating the LX Series, we set some basic parameters to design a range that delivers without exception the performance, features and quality that our customers demand. We also kept it simple; the LX-E range has a 'systems' approach, a range of models that can be used together to provide solutions for nearly every audio challenge.

In LX series, the powerful LX-15B, LX-18B, LX-18MB and LX-218B sub bass systems have been designed for use with large-scale LX-12, LX-15 and LX-215 systems to extend the total LF output power.

In demanding professional applications, the LX-15B and LX-18B, which feature an internal two-way network, allow the four-box system to be powered by one amplifier. Tough industrial carpet covering provides durability and protection, and contributes to the overall safety in the set-up and use of the LX systems.

The LX-E Series has the same model line up as the LX Series. The LX-E is finished in a hardwearing, two-stage epoxy black paint finish and is constructed from premium grade plywood for extra strength. Among the whole series, the LX-12E and LX-15E have multiple mounting points for maximum flexibility when installing.


Titanium 50mm diaphragm, 1.4" exit compression driver

This unit features a larger magnet, increased power handling and a 1.4" (35mm) throat exit, allowing a lower crossover frequency to be used, resulting in smoother, more controlled HF and therefore better vocals.

Large magnet structures and tight construction tolerances give accuracy, high efficiency and reliability.

Large wave guide elliptical horn:

The benefits of this elliptical Wave Guide, featured in all the LX & LX-E series full range models, is that compared to conventional rectangular horns, the elliptical Wave Guide offers superior control over HF coverage, with reduced distortion, greater output and smoother frequency response.

The elliptical shape of the horn means that there are no corners or parallel surfaces to distort, diffract or reflect the sound – therefore the output is smoother, cleaner and more consistent, again resulting in a superior vocal sound.

Large Wave Guide elliptical horn provides superior control over HF coverage.

Custom cast frame woofers:

The woofers have been designed and built specifically for the LX & LX-E enclosures – they are not old designs housed in new cabinets.The increased power handling and durability of the LX & LX-E are due to the new drivers featuring larger voice coils with extended excursion capability coupled with a new aluminium cast frame.

ProTech™ Driver Overload Protection System

Understanding that sound systems are often asked to perform beyond their original design parameters, we have designed a smooth, progressive dynamic limiter/protection system that is carefully tailored to each model. Overloads are limited and drivers are protected against long term transient or peak conditions.The ProTech™ system progressively converts excess power to heat and triggers a reduction in power to the HF drive. When the overload condition is removed the system returns seamlessly to normal operation.

Sophisticated Crossovers Design

Each crossover in the LX and LX-E Series is built using the highest quality components and designed specifically for that system, enabling smooth power and frequency response control through crossover region. The LX-15B and LX-18B feature integral two-way networks that allow a four-box system to be powered by one amplifier.

Trapezoidal, Plywood and Composite Construction

The LX-E's cabinet is constructed from plywood on all critical surfaces (where durability is important) and wood composite where resonances need to be kept to a minimum. The trapezoidal shape further improves sonic accuracy by significantly reducing internal flutter echoes and standing wave resonances that are often apparent in rectangular shape cabinets.

Trapezoidal designs allow more compact arrays and sonic accuracy.

Mounting points:

For maximum flexibility when installing, we have designed two specific models which feature 12 x M10 rigging points allowing the cabinets to be flown or arrayed. The LX-12E and LX-15E are fitted with these flying inserts.

LX-15E fly wave rigging points

Protective Finish

The LX are all finished using a tough, black industrial carpet offering exceptional protection and durability for life on the road. The LX-E is coated with Duraguard™, an abrasion resistant paint that creates a protective 'skin' around the cabinet. Both finishes contribute to the overall safety in the set up and use.

Durable black carpet covering

High protective Duraguard™ coating

Strong Grille, Square Handles and Castors

In order to provide maximum protection to the internal components of the loudspeakers, the front grilles are full steel with 1.5mm thick. The square handles design allows the cabinets to be gripped securely and comfortably, therefore making them easy to move. Built-in castors are available on some larger units for ease of transportation.

Heavy duty protective steel grille

Built-in castors for larger enclosures

Square handles

LX-12, LX-12E, LX-12EW
LX-12M, LX-12ME
LX-15, LX-15E, LX-15EW
LX-15M, LX-15ME
LX-153 / LX-153E
LX-215, LX-215E
LX-15B, LX-15BE
LX-18B, LX-18BE
LX-218B, LX-218BE
  • High Performance, arrayable trapezoidal cabinets
  • 50 mm Titanium diaphragm true compression driver for brilliant, natural HF reproduction
  • Large Elliptical Wave Guide provides superior control over HF coverage with reduced distortion, greater output and smoother frequency response
  • Cast frame, large voice coil woofers for sustained output capability and minimal power compression under extended high power use
  • Heavily braced enclosure
  • Dynamic, full range frequency response
  • ProTech™ driver protection system
  • Recessed metal jack plates with series Speakon™ type and ¼" inputs
  • Cast aluminum, 35mm pole adaptor for stand mounting
  • Dance clubs
  • Live clubs
  • Night clubs
  • Band PA