The MP Series of power amplifiers, from Wharfedale Professional, are the latest addition to the expanding range of Wharfedale Professional electronics products. Built to last, the MP amplifiers are designed to withstand the rigours of life on the road as well as the challenges of professional installation environments.

Sonic accuracy and durability are the most important features of a power amplifier. The rugged MP Series amplifiers feature a hefty, all-steel chassis along with state of the art electronic components, all housed within a unique amplifier design that provides high power and clean signal reproduction in a variety of applications. Each amplifier is tested individually as a part of our factory's rigorous Quality Control program that ensures the reliability and stability that is expected of products with the Wharfedale Professional name.



The MP Series power amplifiers feature a continuously variable speed fan for optimum cooling. The airflow generated by the fan flows over the copper plated heatsink resulting in efficient heat dissipation, keeping the output devices evenly cooled.

Protection Circuitry

The MP Series amplifiers also feature sophisticated protection circuitry. When engaged, the thermal overload protection mutes the input signal when unsafe operating temperatures are detected. The short circuit protection keeps the output devices operating within safe parameters when short circuits are detected and the amplifiers also feature "Soft Start Protection" to protect speakers from unwanted 'pops' when power is switched on or off.


Binding posts

The MP Series amplifiers feature the option of binding posts or Speakon output connectors. Input connections are made via ¼" (6.3mm) TRS, balanced phone jacks as well as balanced XLR connectors.

Comprehensive front panel LED indicators

Comprehensive front panel LED indicators for performance monitoring include POWER, PROTECT and BRIDGE as well as PEAK level indicators for Channel A and Channel B. The channel gain control knobs and power switch are situated on the front panel for easy access.


1. Power On/Off LED
2. Protect LED
3. Bridge LED
4. Channel A Peak LED indicator
5. Channel B Peak LED indicator
6. Channel A Level Control
7. Channel B Level Control

  • High-end power amps with optional bridged mono operation mode
  • Built in toroidal transformer
  • Rear panel ground lift switch
  • Class AB Topology (MP1200 &1800)
  • Class H Topology (MP2800)
  • All steel construction
  • Continuously variable speed fan
  • Sophisticated protection circuitry including; Soft start protection relay; Thermal overload protection; Short circuit protection; Open circuit protection
  • Front controls including: Power Switch, Channel A and Channel B gain controls
  • Front panel LED indicators for Power On, Peak, Protect
  • Stereo/Bridge Mode switch on rear of unit